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Everyone should have a hobby that is both easy and self-gratifying.  For me, it is waiting for Hollywood elites to say really dumb, self-righteous, and ignorant statements for all the world to see! #Loser #NoLife

Enter Seth MacFarlane; the intellectual ne’er do well version of Bill Maher.  Taking a break from making movies that are all about himself, Seth took to Twitter to trot out the very tired and clichéd talking point that Republicans are all about ‘dat oil.

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If being an social justice warrior is the lowest form of advocacy (and the highest form of selfishness), then being a Limousine Liberal would be its incestuous lover. 

My first suspicion that Seth was a mere social justice dabbler was back in 2011, when he was complaining that the Republicans were giving him back too much of his own earn money in the form of tax breaks.


See, where I come from, more money in my pocket means I have more disposable income, which, in turn, allows me to be either more generous with my money or waste it on a 4-season box set of The Cleveland Show at Best Buy.

If most of my money is under my control, then the spotlight of social justice beams brightest upon my head.  It makes me more responsible for my fellow man than a government entity that I help vote in every 2 years.  Judging from a review of “A Million Ways to Die in the West”, Seth has no shame whatsoever in hogging the spotlight, so he should jump at the chance to give away his tax breaks to those less fortunate and claim all the glory.

Seth’s latest attempt at contributing to the political dialogue was brought to my attention via Twitchy. Despite preconceived notions, I actually do not wait on celebrities to say really stupid things.  I simply wait for more powerful entities like Twitchy to bring these gems to my attention because, well… I am lazy and have a day job.

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Not soon after did the responses to Seth’s tweet come flooding into his account.  Not to judge a book by its cover, but I am certain Seth’s detractors are not greedy rich Republicans.  They do not possess the net worth of $150 million or have access to the luscious lips of Eliza Dushku.

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I do not know if Seth is aware of this, but his handlers must have told him that energy independence will lead to cheaper energy costs, which will save him buckets of money in keeping his $13.5 million Beverly Hills mansion at a comfortable temperature.  He could then divert these energy savings towards social injustices that he would like to see alleviated.  Perhaps he could give the extra money to help further the technologies of renewable energy?  Maybe he could address the income inequalities in his own profession by giving some of his money to up-and-coming Hollywood writers whose income gap is quite insurmountable when compared to his.

The money that Seth saves can easily go towards alleviating the suffering of the very people he claims are hurt by Republican tax breaks.  All it would take is a well-placed call to his accountant to perform some minor financial adjustments to his budget.  In fact, there is a community that could use the money that Seth MacFarlane says he does not need.  If you have ever seen the great movie The Soloist, there is a place called the LAMP Community.  This is the non-profit organization that is featured in the movie.


Seth, I challenge you to take your own money that you have been coerced to keep, combine it with the savings that will come from Keystone Pipeline, and give it to nonprofits in need like the LAMP Community.  In fact, you do not even have to leave Beverly Hills… you can have your CPA write the check and deliver it personally. If you look at the picture below, you can see that the LAMP Community is just a 37-minute drive from Beverly Hills.

Lamp Map

In fairness, Seth might already give to charities and causes that he believes in, but his ignorance of how money from tax breaks could be spent helping those in need is more than we should have to bear.

Instead of putting his money where his mouth is, Seth takes to Twitter to bolster his self-worth and his ideology.  He is desperate to let everyone know that he is rich and does not need a tax break.  “No War For Oil” has now morphed into “No Votes For Keystone.”  Judging from the Republican “wave” that just swept over the land this previous election cycle, Seth is dusting off those old Republican/Oil diatribes of yesteryear and giving them yet another try.

What he fails to realize is that the Keystone Pipeline is a bipartisan phenomenon.  There are plenty of Liberal politicians who support this endeavor as well.  Seth should already be used to reaping the benefits of cheap energy.  Since we invaded Iraq just for the oil, Seth has had 11 years to pass his energy savings onto the less fortunate.  Because nothing has paid off more dividends to America than all that cheap oil we got from Iraq… oh wait!

Like I said, we all need a hobby, and Seth’s and other Hollywood elitists’ penchant for preaching on rickety soapboxes is mine.

P.S-  The latest development in Seth’s attempt at self-aggrandizement comes in the form of FNC Contributor

 Michelle Fields:

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