You Won’t Believe How This “Global Health Advocate” Takes on Alzheimer’s

Alzheimer’s is the sixth leading cause of death in the US.

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has sponsored a new series on global health and poverty on UpWorthy.

But they probably wouldn’t be thrilled if they read what’s being said by Morgan Shoaff about Alzheimer’s:

The cool thing about this video is that there are no words spoken — heck, you can turn your volume all the way down if you want to — but it still leaves you thinking.

Which is good because it’s all about how some people stop being able to think.

And that’s horrible.

What an insulting, flippant way to describe a disease that’s the sixth leading cause of death.

Alzheimer’s isn’t about your thinking stopping.  It’s about memory loss and your bodily functions slowing down with severe emotional side effects.

People with family members and friends struggling with Alzheimer’s know that their loved ones haven’t “stop[ped] being able to think”.  They know that they’re trying so hard to remember, are struggling, and becoming frustrated.  They’re perfectly capable of thought.  They struggle with memory and recall.

This is why you should have a doctor or someone in medicine writing for the Gates Foundation—not a “global health advocate”.  After all, can you be a job where you advocate something everyone is in favor of?

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