Islam’s fundamental problem

In Sydney, 2 people are dead (I don’t count the terrorist gunman in the body count because he doesn’t count as a person — he’s forefeited his right to humanity by imprisoning and killing innocent people) because an Islamic extremist cornered a cafe full of people in the Lindt chocolate shop threatening to kill all of them with bombs throughout 16 hours of terror. He’s only dead because the brave cafe manager said “enough” and reached for the man’s gun, tragically being shot in the process.

never forget that they did this

In Peshawar, 126 people are dead, mainly children, because Islamic Taliban terrorists don’t want children to be educated, they want them to be martyrs for their sick, twisted “religion”.

never forget that they did this

Speaking of Islam: where are we going to have a Martin Luther moment here? At what point is a major Islamic leader going to stand up and say “enough is enough” and “not in my name” and “we will fight these people who hijack our religion for murderous ends to the death”?

Why hasn’t that happened yet?

Because out of over a billion people — they live in fear. Any Islamic leader who would stand up and say that would be at best shunned and at worst gruesomely murdered as well as his family, friends, and flock. He’d have to enter witness protection for the rest of his life, like Irshad Manji, a lesbian Muslim reformer who’s gone into hiding in Canada because her religion wants her dead.

And before any of you moan endlessly about “bbbut Christians” or “I saw a Buddhist shoplift a banana once”, go to hell. Christians and Buddhists did not murder 3000 innocent people in one of the greatest cities on earth, civilians with families who were at their jobs, and force them to jump out of windows plunging to their deaths. Christians and Buddhists did not ram two jetliners full of passengers into two of the largest office buildings in the world to their deaths. Christians and Buddhists did not ram a plane into the side of the largest office building in the world, killing all onboard, nor did they attempt to take another plane full of people into the Capitol or the White House or God knows where, killing all onboard.

never forget that they did this

We don’t go after Christians and Buddhists with soldiers and drones because Christians and Buddhists don’t teach their children to murder their way into paradise. They don’t threaten to take down cultural landmarks while people are still inside them.

And speaking of cultural landmarks, the single greatest destroyer of Islamic civilization and history in the past decades has been — Islamic terrorists. From burning down museums of historic texts in Baghdad to burning down the “wrong types” of mosques.

never forget that they did this

If you really cared about your faith, Muslims, or even your history or culture, you’d stop these people immediately.

If you really cared about your people, Muslims, you’d fight these extremists with fervor. Muslims kill more Muslims than any other group or country or force, and 10 out of 10 times it’s extremists decimating moderates.

You’d form mercenary forces and hunt them down. You wouldn’t be building schools that educate them, or breaking bread with them, or funding them with a wink and a nod. You’d be actively destroying them.

So where’s that courageous cleric to stand up and say “not in my name”?

never forget

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